Shipping and Return Policy

• All orders must be shipped to the location of the licensed physician on the imprinted pad.

• Orders may not be combined into a single shipment. Each individual order must be separate for shipment verification purposes.

• For security purposes all orders are shipped via UPS for Proof of Delivery purposes. POD charges are included in the shipping final shipping price and a signature is required for each order at time of delivery.

• All orders placed have ability to show proof of printed product before purchasing. In the case of a cancelled order, after the order has been placed and approved at the purchaser's request, the cancellation will have a $10 fee applied to their order. Any changes after the order including cancellations will re-quire the Edit Order Form to be filled out. The Edit Order Form can be found in the button menu at the left.

In case of an error that constitutes the pads unusable, the physician’s office is responsible for destruction of the pads. Errors that are cause by an incorrectly filled out online or fax form will be re-printed and shipped at buyers expense. Errors caused by manufacturing or other error after we have received your information correctly will be re-printed and shipped at our expense