This shows a sample site as an example

When selecting to order online you will see a pop-up directing you to use the Dlr. Number in the menu for this account. If your site gives you a "Cookies must be enabled on your computer to access this site" error, please follow the instructions on how to enable here.



If you are new to the site, then you will want to enter in your email and a custom password that only you will know, this will be your own personal profile and will be used to login on return visits. The site will save your personal information, however, you can edit your profile as you like as shown below. The email you choose for your profile will be the one that is sent a confirmation of the final order, please be sure that it is accurately filled out.



In your profile page and/or during your profile set-up you will need to choose a dealer for the order process. This number has been pre-determined for your site, once you choose your correct dealer it will be saved in your profile. Use the Dlr. Number from the menu at the left to choose the correct number from the list of numbers.



Our catalog currently contains two tabs, one for standard pads, and another for pads with wraparound covers. Under each tab, is a list for you to choose from a single prescriber pad or a pad that will accomodate multiple prescribers and/or addresses. We have examples of the pad layouts and a picture of the wraparound cover on our preview page.



This page is where you input the information that will be imprinted onto the pad. This is an example for a single prescriber pad, while the multiple prescriber form has enough fields to accomodate numerous entries.



You will be shown a proof on the next page of your form with it's information. You may go back and edit if there is anything wrong or that you would like to change. You can also download a PDF of this document(see under the proof). Once you approve the layout, this is the file that we will use to produce your order. We will not receive the order until it is completed so you may still cancel the order before purchasing if you like.



Once you are satisfied with your proof you will be directed to the next page to select your total pad quantity. You may add more products of a different style by selecting the "Add More Products" button. If you would like to show someone else the order with a preview automatically you can place their email address in the notification box to send them a copy. For security purposes we need to know the County name plus we cannot not ship to PO boxes or a 3rd party which is not the Clinics or Physicians.


The final payment page will show you your final price, including shipping and tax. We are required to have a proof of delivery for all secure prescriptions. This normally is a $3.00 charge but is INCLUDED in your shipping cost. We currently offer standard ground and overnight delivery methods.
Upon completion you will be shown a page which includes a ticket number for future reference. You will also be given the choice to place another order or logout. There will be a confirmation sent to your PROFILE email address of the entire order (looks like this). This confirmation will have a link to either re-order or place a new order. An email of approval is sent to your dealer at which point they will automatically push through to the manufacturer. If for whatever reason you would like to cancel the order within a couple hours, notify your dealer from the contact us page. They can disapprove the order and prevent it from being sent to the manufacturer. Your credit card will not be charged until the order is approved by the dealer.